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All applicants should read the following information on the applications and admissions process for the diploma course in Kalakshetra in music and dance, as well as other information available on this site about the College of Fine Arts and the Kalakshetra Foundation. The information provided will enable them to understand the range of resources available to every student.

Students between the ages of 17 and 25 who have passed the 12th standard are eligible for admission to the college. The prospectus and application form will be available on the web and in the College office in February of each year. The age restriction can be waived in the case of foreign applicants, after due consideration by a selection committee. The final decision will be taken by the Director.

Prospective students must submit their completed application with testimonials before 31st May. Applicants who are selected for the interview will receive an interview letter giving them the exact date and location of the interview. Interviews are held in the second week of June, a week before the college reopens. The interview is mandatory for all prospective students.

Foreign students / NRI’s may submit the completed application form with a self introduction stating why they wish to learn Bharatnatyam in Kalakshetra along with the DVD of their music / dance / art experience latest by 31st May after which the selection committee will view and convey the results in Mid June. Selected candidates will get the provisional admission letter by e-mail to enable them to get student visa.

The college opens in the second week of June and selected candidates must be prepared to join within a week. Students are selected on the basis of a practical aptitude test and an interview. The school seeks students who intend to become professional artists, and who will give the practice of their chosen art primary importance in their lives.

The first year is a probationary year for all students. Students must complete the entire course in four years in the case of Bharata Natyam, Music and Visual Art in order to earn the diploma. Students who fail in the main subject during second or third year will be advised to redo the year again to achieve perfection in the main subject. The decision of the promotion committee and the Director will be final in this regard. Students who fail in any other subject other than the main subject can take the same in the next year of their study as arrear exam paper.

Foreign students may apply using the Foreign Students Application Form. Visa and passport details have to be supplied to the College at the time of application. Students who wish to apply from foreign countries in advance or who apply through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in their own countries must do so well in advance so that their applications can be processed in time for the new course. Such candidates must send their application form, school and college certificates, curricula vitae and a DVD of their work. Such candidates will be duly informed through email of the results.

Those foreign nationals who wish to take the interview in person will go through the same selection procedures as students from India. Those selected for entry into the college will be permitted to begin study only after obtaining the appropriate student visa.

Applicants selected for the interview under a tourist visa must obtain relevant information in their respective country of the rules that apply to the transfer of a visa from tourist status to student status. If students are selected for admission, Kalakshetra will issue a letter confirming their selection. This letter may be used to obtain a student visa, according to visa procedures which vary from country to country. For more information on visas, please contact the Indian consulate in your country.

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has entered into agreements with certain countries, with a view to promoting cultural exchange between India and these countries. Students interested in learning in institutions and universities within India are given a scholarship for study, which cover tuition, lodging, board, and reimbursement of medical expenses. Prospective applicants to Kalakshetra from these countries must apply through the Indian Consulate in their country and indicate their preference for Kalakshetra in their application forms. The ICCR will forward their application to us for processing. As a government institute, Kalakshetra makes every effort to honor the Indian government’s commitments to other nations. However, Kalakshetra reserves the right to screen all applicants. For more information, please contact the relevant Indian Consulate.

A scholarship fund exists for students of Kalakshetra created from donations and endowments made to the institute. A limited number of scholarships are available to students whose parents or guardians are not in a position to pay their fees and who display a degree of talent and aptitude. The case of each applicant will be considered and decided by a scholarship committee. The scholarship covers the tuition fees alone, and for very deserving students, the hostel fees as well for an entire academic year. Scholarships are merit-based, and will only be made available to students with demonstrated financial need after their first year during which a student’s abilities can be judged.

Scholarship under North Eastern Development Programme

As an initiative under the North Eastern Development Programme (under the auspices of Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India), Kalakshetra offers scholarships for students hailing from the north eastern states of India, namely, Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Agartala to undergo the diploma courses in Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music and visual arts.

Students hailing from these states are welcome to apply for scholarship for study at Kalakshetra and the Management will award to the deserving students after the admission process is over and according to the rules and regulations of the institute as followed from time to time.

Tuition for the courses offered at Kalakshetra varies, depending on the program. The following table outlines the various tuition costs. Costs are given for the whole year. Tuition costs are payable in three terms. All students must pay the tuition for the new term 10 days before the college reopens. New students must pay tuition at the time of selection. All figures are given in Indian Rupees. Please note that tuition costs are subject to revision. Book fees, field trips and other fees will be intimated separately.

Fees 2018-19 – New Students – Diploma in Dance, Music & Visual Arts
Fees 2018-19 – New Students – Post Diploma in Dance & Music
Fees 2018-19 – New Students – Part Time in Dance & Music & Visual Arts
Fees 2018-19 – One Year Certificate Course in Visual Arts
Fees 2018-19 – Old Students – Diploma in Dance, Music & Visual Arts
Fees 2018-19 – Old Students – Part-time Dance, Music & Visual Arts

NEFT Bank A/c for College Fees
Bank name – Indian Bank, Tiruvanmiyur Branch, Chennai 600041
A/c details – SB A/c No.443596869
IFSC – IDIB000T044

After making NEFT transfer, please inform Tranfer (UTR) Ref.No. Student Name & Class details to College or email to

Hostel Fees Details
New Students – 2018-19 – Fees Details
Old Students – 2018-19 – Fees Details

NEFT Bank A/c for Hostel Fees
Bank Name – Indian Bank, Tiruvanmiyur Branch, Chennai 600041
A/c details – SB A/c No.443597024
IFSC – IDIB000T044

After making NEFT transfer, please inform Tranfer (UTR) Ref.No. Student Name & Class details to Hostel or email to

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